Julius designer Tatsuro Horikawa has been interviewed for the latest issue of Scoute. This is the first interview I’ve seen with the Tokyo based designer, and the first good insight into the brains behind one of the most compelling labels of our era’s. While Julius has been around the last 7 years, its only over the past 2-3 we’ve really seen it come to light.

“Avant-garde author William S. Burroughs created “Interzone” to represent a metaphorical, stateless area, loosely based on post war Tangier, which became a haven for criminals, artists, drug smugglers and tax-evading tycoons due to it’s falling between various competing occupying countries’ rules and laws. The head-quarters of Tatsuro Horikawa, the mastermind behind infamous Japanese Clothing Phenomenon Julius, seems to occupy a similarly ambiguous place.”

Read the interview here.

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