With his Gyakusou line, designer Jun Takahashi has achieved what many designers have not; created a second line that exists as an entirely separate entity – both aesthetically and idealistically – from his primary brand, (which in Takahashi’s case is UNDERCOVER).

Forgoing the punk references that UNDERCOVER has for years upheld, Takahashi’s joint venture with Nike has now produced 6 seasons of technical, athletic clothing, designed with one thing in mind – running. An avid runner himself, the Gyakusou collections have evolved with Takahashi as he himself evolves as a runner, with each phase of gear tested out by Takahashi and his GIRA (Gyakusou International Running Association) in Tokyo parks. Anyone who has seen, felt or worn the resulting product can probably attest to experiencing the passion for activity that has gone into making them.

PORT Magazine’s David Hellqvist recently caught up with Jun Takahashi, where the designer spoke about his love of running and the Gyakusou SS13 collection among other things. Check out the full story here.

Photo: Adrian Crispin