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Juxtapoz is officially 100 issues old, give or take an Erotica issue or three back in the day. But yes, 100 issues old, and we even have a poster included in each issue that has a map of all 100 covers. 

Raymond Pettibon on the cover was a clincher, and we wanted to do something a little special/different, so we went with an early ’80’s look, with a great line, “I never want to die” on the front. On the subscriber-only cover, we went with a 2008 piece of Pettibon’s, to give it the simultaneous retrospective/future-looking vibe. Deep thinking. Happy with the results. 

Spike Jonze is in, too. Took some time out of his schedule and all the “Where the Wild Things Are” activities to be in. Andy Mueller and Porous Walker made it easy on us.

Camille Rose Garcia, Glen E Friedman, Kevin Ancell, and Coop, all big thanks. Stecyk, good pose. 

Sam Bassett, our NYC photo editor, took some amazing shots on his California tour. Sam, nothing like a beach in Half Moon Bay to enjoy the Northern California coast, right? And, Estevan Oriol, our LA photo editor, gave Coop the proper treatment. 

At the end of day, all the pieces came together, and it looks good. No sweat. 

Stay tuned for a Brooklyn surprise in #101. 

*JX0509.Subscribe cover.indd