"We got Doze, Doze, Doze, Doze; Doze all over the world. Or, more precise, we got Doze Green all over San Francisco. Fine artist and former Juxtapoz cover artist David Ellis sits down with Doze Green over some wine and they two work out some issues. Big issues. Worldissues. Kids, you better listen. Also in the February 2008 issue is Studio-One’s Cleon Peterson, BLK/MRKT’s Dave Kinsey, and Stephen "ESPO" Powers sits down with Handselecta to discuss the archiving of graffiti handstyles and fonts. Heavy stuff kid. We also have a very special feature on Gingko Press Editor, David Lopes, and the current state of art book publishing. Nate Van Dyke providing the accompanying illustrations.  Look for Brian Flynn, Skinner, Razauno, Mr Bingo, Daze, Benjamin Belsky, Jake Watling, WK Interact, Sam Flores, Ron English, powerHouse Books, Lucy McLauchlan, and Last Gasp’s Ron Turner. " The latest and 85th issue of Juxtapoz is on newstands now, and with the option of 2 different cover artworks, it’s not worth missing.