This sort of just speaks for itself. Grotesk specially did this cover work for Jux’ June 2009 issue. One of my favorites we have ever done. Used a little of his lettering, a perfect, timeless cover image from one of the best artists around, a good friday. 

Joey Garfield did a nice job in Portland with fine artist Chris Johanson, and the MQ portrait that Sam Bassett took was on point. Video game, 3D, and fine artist Coro gave us a little San Francisco in June, Skinner did some bizarre portrait with his neighbor (in a very entertaining way), and CR Stecyk did a nice portrait of Steve Olson. Thank you to Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant and Chronicle Books for helping out as well. And Jamel Shabazz as well.


I’ve always been a really big fan of Grotesk, but now working closely with him proves he is the real deal. Perfect cover.