With his unlike-anything-else-in-hip-hop Yeezus album, unlike-any-other-celebrity approach to interviews, and his unlike-any-other-fashion-icon re-appropriation of confederate flags and bejeweled masks, Kanye West has spent 2013 (re)establishing himself as exceptional. So, it comes as a complete surprise that he’d lend his cosign to a collection of clothing as decidedly unremarkable as this new offering of G.O.O.D. Music merch.

Perhaps he’s too caught up in the drama of his Yeezus tour or his take away from his similarly lazy A.P.C. collaboration was that anyone will pay any price for T-Shirts designed by his hand, but the flimsy, run-of-the-mill hats, jackets, and sweats onto which he’s slapped his “g.o.o.d.” text and Renaissance angel look like something an 18-year-old would pull together for his backpacking rapper buddy.

Where’s the bravado? Where’s the innovation? Where are the side-zippers?

Will this be an isolated speed bump on the newly anointed god of cool’s breathtaking year? There here’s two months left in 2013, let’s pray not.