jules4How do you feel its changed since you were young?

When I was young I didn’t really know it was an industry or it was a way to make money or a business. I was just really into music, fashion, and clothes. I lived in New York from the Mid 80’s. The art scene, the music, the skateboard scene all of those things are just what we did. I didn’t make a living off of it til I started dj’ing. I suppose I wasn’t really in the clothing industry even though I knew Shawn Stussy, Paul Mittleman, and James Jebbia I connected to that whole scene.

When Tet [WTAPS] talks about it he talks about it was never about the clothing, he just wanted to express himself someway and it happened to come out as clothing.

Yeah thats true, I was definitely a pretty obsessive person and detail oriented. I had my adidas track pants tapered at the tailors and change out my laces, I suppose that was my expression of individuality through clothing or through music.

Where do you want to go with Leilow? There’s only a few stores that carry the brands you carry in Leilow.

There was no real masterplan to Leilow when we started it. It is just now i’m starting to realize it is a rarity, there is something special about it. Its something I want to keep working at and keep putting all the different facets of what i’m into the brand.

What are you into these days?

Oh man, I’m into the same things I’ve always been into. I love music, I love art, I love fashion. I love Hawaii obviously and the ocean. A lot of people ask what Leilow is about and that is the hard thing. It’s about so many different things, it’s like a soup.

I think this culture has always been about connecting things, like what you say you’re doing with Leilow. Do you think that all of that is lost now cause a lot of brands marketing wise push just a lifestyle, and you’re sort of buying into that lifestyle?

Maybe in the mainstream, but I think there always be that core group of people on the outskirts that are pushing those boundaries. It has always been that way, you know when people talk about the “good ol days.” or the good ol days of hip-hop or whatever. There’s still that pocket of kids that are making their own t-shirts and skating in them, or finding their own skate spots. Basically, I see it as sort of evolution. You take the best of all these personal things, and you add it to your mix. It shouldn’t be a uniform, thats what the mainstream wants to do they want to make it into a uniform and try to sell it within a category.

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