jules2What do you think about being subtle as the new “cool” now?

2009 was really the year of American workwear, all these J. Crew, chambray shirt, buffalo plaids, etc. Which for me has been done for years I feel. I mean I can’t talk i’m wearing an RRL shirt haha. I got it for $20 at a vintage shop. I think that’s the big thing now people are willing to spend more money now. I mean nowadays there’s $500 shoes whereas you can still find cool shit if you are willing to dig.

I think it is just different now, there is a discrepancy between the kids who want the $30 t-shirt or the $90 Nike’s as opposed to the $500 Visvims.

There’s nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on things if there’s lasting value in it, quality. They say nowadays people want to invest in quality and authenticity. I find its hard for people to know what is authentic and real. You can buy into a brand where the owner actually skates, or the owner actually is a DJ. What about when that is interpreted into a t-shirt? You can buy it from them or you can buy it from a guy who went to school for graphic design. We did this Joy Division shirt that had a picture of an apartment building that said “Lovewell Terrace Apartments.” I’m rambling, I just do what I do and thats it.

Oh haha “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

Yes, exactly haha!

Its interesting you talk about music so much because that was the thing for me too. When I had bought the first Unkle CD in ’98 and read James Lavelle’s little blurb about Nigo in the liner notes. And then he released this Global Underground wearing a Bape shirt, I just kind of kept connecting things.

I think music for me was the start of everything, really. When I was a kid listening to music I paid attention to what my favorite brands were wearing or like, David Bowie’s haircut. I was a soul boy in London in the 70’s. Even with Shawn and Paul we had similar tastes, we would exchange tapes and stuff like that. Music is a huge influence on everything I do as well.

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