jules3It’s funny, you’re a legend, but then no one knows you’re a legend.

Its funny my wife used to say to me, “You spin at Cheetah [NY Club on Mondays] and no one knows you are the DJ.” It wasn’t like it is today when everyone just stares at the DJ, everyone danced. I think its because i’m English and I come from a punk thing, you always put yourself down a bit. Hip-hop in New York was always about bragging yourself. I think that has always been my thing, coming to terms with the good things you’ve done and taking credit for it but not being an asshole. Obviously I am a lot older then a lot of people in the industry but its always been like that. There has always been that older mentor to sit the kids on the right track, which is the cool thing! To me you should always go against the generation before, you try and do better then they did. Now the mainstream, you have mothers and their teenage daughters with Louis Vuitton bags wearing the same thing. There is no..

No rebelliousness?

Yes, no creativity. Even if you’ve got a Louis Vuitton bag stencil it or paint on it, do something. Then again there’s Goyard who does monogrammed bags haha. Paul Mittleman sent me this family tree, that they did for Stussy for their 30th anniversary. It shows how everyone is connected like there is the Beastie Boys, Hiroshi, and then there’s me…right next to Paul haha. Next year is obviously their anniversary and I think it is cool that they’re doing a collab shirt with me a little store/brand (Leilow), and then they have these huge company collaborations. I’m sorry I’m rambling again.

Do you think everything has been done? People aren’t as inspired anymore?

I am an optimist, I don’t think everything has been done. There is definitely limitations. You would think after 1955 Levi’s wouldn’t be able to make their jeans any better but, it is subtle. I mean a zipper near the back pocket of jeans is a pretty fucking cool idea [Jules noted Kazuki had given him his Uniform Experiment denim]. That’s why there’s such a small core group that do different things because only they can recognize the subtle differences between one thing and another. Everyone knows what selvedge is on denim that wasn’t necessarily true not too long ago. I think knowledge is what people have more of now with the internet and blogs and twitter now. I think that is a good thing, because now the differences and the changes are getting even more subtle. That’s why I still feel new to this scene, to this industry. I want to always feel new.. thats what keeps..

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