jules6Keeps things interesting!

Ya keeps things interesting and moving! I hate to be the guy that is always like “Oh, It was so much better back then,” or whatever. Now, is the most interesting time to me, it is the time that I am really into. I’m much more aware of things i’m much smarter now then when I was younger.

Do you think with the internet the whole aspect of discovery has been lost?

Not for me, I don’t know how it is for everyone else. The internet sparks the start of finding out about something, and I am the guy that takes that interest a little bit further. If I find a song that I like, I will find every song from that artist and how that connects to different artists or bands. You just have to look a bit harder these days.

A lot of people talk about the old generation passing the torch to the new generation… How do you want to be remembered?

I’m not the old generation, I won’t pass the torch yet haha. I don’t know how I want to be remembered I think its negative to look at it like that. Being remembered implies that you’re finished. It is all about what you’re into now or what you’re doing now. I hope that whatever I do in my life even if it only affects a few people.. I hope not to pass the torch but to pass on my knowledge, like sharing mixtapes with people. You have to be open to sharing with people. Now that the industry has opened up in the world, there is a lot of things everybody has to share with each other from different cultures. I’m from England but I lived in New York and now I’m in Hawaii. That is a part of me always wanting to discover.




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