We previewed this siginificant milestone which commemorates Keith Haring’s 50th birthday on Sunday May 4, that sees his famous mural on Houston Street and Bowery from 1982 recreated. The Keith Haring Foundation together with Deitch Projects and Goldman Properties have worked with Gothic Scenic who is reproducing the mural using extensive photographic documentation of the artwork of the legendary artist which first appeared 25 years ago. "To ensure color-matching accuracy, original samples were procured by scraping away layers of paint on the wall until pieces of the original image were revealed.  The mural is set to be “officially unveiled” this Sunday with a formal dedication ceremony but it’s already up for all to see. Space for the memorial was donated by real estate developer Tony Goldman, who owns the wall and the stunningly dayglo mural will remain on display until December 21st."

Thanks to SuperTouch for the info and images.