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The Holidays are imminent, there’s gifts to get, but stores are packed. It’s a nightmare. Enter SlamXHype’s Gift Guide, the 10 gifts the give your friends or family this year.

There’s pieces from tech and travel utensils, to hoodies and hats. It’s all good, and all under $200.


Kith Washington Hooded Rugby Grey


For your streetwear loving friend, Ronnie Fieg and Kith NYC dropped a capsule called “New York Native – 1996” reimagining Kith as it would have been in 1996. The collection includes a whole slew of sweatshirt, sweatpants, T-Shirt options, but one standout is the Washington Hooded Rugby… there’s matching sweatpants too, if you’ve got friends who do stuff like that.

Get it for $125 on Kith NYC’s webstore.

Supreme Lions Trail Hat


For your bald friend, or anyone who have a hard time keeping the top of their head warm, Supreme‘s Lions Trail cap will solve all their problems.

Find it on Supreme’s webstore for $58.




If you’ve got a friend who can’t help but worry about everything, startup incubator Quirky has Spotter. It’s basically a sensor that monitors movement, sound, light, basically everything and sends the info to your smartphone. Throw it on your door to see if your roommate goes in to smell your socks while you’re out, or put it on your drying to get an alert when it’s done, it’s game for anything.

Each Spotter goes for $49.99 of Quirky’s webstore.

Stance Fushion Basketball Socks


Normally, giving socks as a Christmas gift is the go-to move for grandmothers and people looking to drop their “friends” the hint that the friendship thing is over. That is, unless the sock gift in question is Stance‘s new Basketball Fusion joints; these things are coming for the Nike‘s performance sock neck… so to speak.

Visit Stance’s website, they’ve got a beautiful editorial unpacking what’s up with their new fusion socks.

Mister Zeus Ring


For someone who loves to accessorize, Mister has a whole series of Ancient Greek-inspired accessories for fingers, neck, and writs.

Check out the whole collection on Mister’s webstore.

LES (ART)ISTS iPhones Cases


2013 was a big year for the jersey aesthetic, with Downtown NYC scenesters rocking LES (ART)ISTS‘ artists tees like, a lot. Give the gift of on-trend awesomeness to the iPhone user on your list with the French imprint’s artist case series.

Go to LES (ART)ISTS’ webstore to check out their whole stock.

Snow Peak x Tanner Goods Carry-On Chopsticks

Collaboration Tracks


For the Asian food connoisseur, Snow Peak and Tanner Goods have created an elegant set of chopsticks built from two stainless steel tubes and bamboo tips. The collapsable utensils come complete with Horween Chromexcel carrying case in black or orange.

Get them from Tanner Goods’ webstore for $69.95.

Saturdays Surf NYC World Duffle



Some people treat traveling as a chance to slum it — sweatsuits, beat up sneakers, Jansport backpack, but for those who take pride in their appearance, even on planes, trains, or automobiles, Saturdays NYC‘s World Duffle in Blue Green camp is the right way to go.

It’ll run you $125 on Saturdays Surf NYC’s webstore.

Caviar Cartel Hashish Candle




For your smoker friend, the 7oz coconut wax blend candle from Caviar Cartel — which purportedly smells like Hashish scent — will give him or her 45 hours of nose-pleasing/odor-masking scent.

Get it for $40 on Caviar Cartel’s website.

Nimbus Smart Dashboard


If you’ve got a buddy who has a hard time keeping track of things like the time, the temperature, their emails, etc., gift them the Numbus Smart Dashboard. It’s a 4-dial clock-like device that connects to your smartphone to track, and then show you in real time, basically anything you could ever need to know.

$129.99 will get you one off Quirky’s webstore.


The 10 Gifts To Give, All Under $200