A lot of clothing labels nowadays are keeping one eye on environmental and social issues, for instance by using organic fabrics or introducing fair trade initiatives. While this is an admirable step to take, the more cynical among us might suspect that it occasionally has more to do with marketing than actual social awareness. So it’s good to see that UK brand King Apparel has gone for a more direct way to tackle social issues by working with the Want Respect? campaign which aims to prevent the spread of STDs and unwanted teenage pregnancy by promoting condom use. Together they have designed a pair of heavyweight selvedge denim jeans that feature a hidden condom pocket on the inside, meaning the wearer can bring a condom with him when taking a girl out without being accused of being too forward. The pocket is printed with the Want Respect? logo designed by graffiti legend Mode 2 and each pair of jeans comes with a swing tag containing 3 condoms and more information about the Want Respect? campaign. King is also using its affiliate programme (including well-known musicians like Sway and Plan B) to lend credibility to the Want Respect? message, and the partnership has been so successful in getting through to the UK’s youth that it was presented in front of Parliament to demonstrate how a youth campaign should be run. Produced in a limited run of 1000 pairs, the jeans will be available throughout Europe from September for £80 along with the rest of the A/W ‘08 range (see photos below for a preview of more items).