Kingston Logic 2.0 is the second video release from the album of the same title by Waterhouse artist Terry Lynn, and the second video directed by the Rickards Bros. for the artist.

In creating the first experimental video for Kingston Logic 1.0, producer Russell ‘phred’ Hergert connected Lynn’s lyrics to a rapidly-changing series of Afflicted Yard photographs depicting various realities of life in modern Kingston. In version 2.0, the colourful frenzy of Kingston and the collaboration of Lynn, phred and The Rickards Bros. returns with a few added beats created by French producer Olivier Giacomotto.

The video is set for release on Phree Music and Last Gang Records in early February 2009, but we screened it for the first time last Saturday to an audience in Waterhouse, Kingston (where the entire video was shot). Here’s a look at how that went down (photos after the jump).

[vimeo width=”540″ height=”361″][/vimeo]