Kiss Of Life is a fascinating exhibition of new works from Dan May and Nathan Spoor which will open at the Copro Nason Gallery on June 7 with great anticipation. "The appropriately titled exhibit boasts a colorful spectrum of paintings, each created with an essential element to celebrating life, growth and the belief that anything is possible."

"Nathan Spoor from LA delivers a visually rich playing field of intricate symbiosis. His works are created using the process of Suggestivism, wherein he appropriates images through a meditative state to gain view of the In Between (a “world” between the waking and sleep state). His intimate symbologies are interpreted as playful as well as cautionary, providing a view of an extremely inventive and innovative brand of research and creativity."

"Dan May from Atlanta brings forth an array of potent imagery from his explorations and documentations of a world somewhere parallel to our own. He wields his ability to transform thought into image with the knowledge of the struggle – the struggle to survive, to be relevant, and most importantly to live not only within ourselves but within a world that sometimes does not make sense. The seemingly playful creatures inhabiting his vibrantly tended palette appear to have the qualities of your typical monster, all the while maintaining a humanity that reflects our own wide range of emotions and imperfections. In essence, May’s beasties and evocative scenarios bring to the forefront of the mind the core conflicts of human nature."

Info from Dan May’s website via NotCot.