MOMA curator Klaus Biesenbach is a bit of a minimalist.    When I think of minimalism I think of Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd and the architect John Pawson.   Clean lines, simplicity, and, no clutter.   The photographs of Mr. Beisenbach’s apt in NYC conceived by Andrea Zittel (in this months W magazine)  are just a bit toooo plain.     I’m sorry, does anyone even live here?


Klaus is the influencial MOMA curator in charge of new mdeia.    Multimedia installations, video and performance pieces.    He co-organized Olafur Eliasson’s survey and curated the current Pipilotti RIst exhibit.


(I blogged the pictures in a previous post) Preferring a more “ephemeral” approach to art that is to be engaged in I understand the lack of paintings and photographs on the walls.   There is nothing except a video projector in the space that occasionally comes out to watch movies.


There is no doubt that Klaus is very good at what he does, the apartment is stunning in space and the view.    I just wonder how you live in a space like this day to day with out accumulating some stuff.   A toothbrush, pillow, plant, book, chinese takeout?    To each his own I guess