Ken Chow continues to push the boundaries with his Krane label as his Spring/Summer 2014 collection introduces new hues, textures, and silhouettes refreshing and new to his design portfolio.  This particular collection takes its design cues from travels through the south east region of China and Danxia; a region rich in sub-tropical forest and monumental red cliffs which provide contrasting yet vibrant color pairings.  This is seen throughout Krane’s forthcoming collection as lively colors in rich hues are seen in silhouettes of suede and leather jackets, gilets, and pullovers. Paired with the established Krane military tonality the Spring/Summer 2014 collection provides a much more expansive pallet the likes we haven’t seen from Krane allowing for the label to catch the radars of a much larger perspective fanbase.  There is alot to like about this collection and Krane always comes with a craftsmen quality rarely seen these days from independent labels.