Kris Van Assche continues to impress with his Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. As usual the shirting is outstanding, some of the best around, with a mix of differing vesions of wool pants and jackets, bringing texture to the great use of tones. No sign of any sneakers at this point, a much awaited part of any KVA collection, but the footwear is impressive none-the-less.


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  1. Fred

    Kris is outstanding, i don't understand why people constantly bring him down, its like its the cool thing to do, hes carried Slimanes legacy on well.

    • Allan

      I think his designs are wearable and look ok… but he is pretty dull. Slimane really shook up Dior and made high end fashion accessible to a whole new audience of young guy. He was exciting in comparison Kris Van Assche feels a bit zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz