Kris Van Assche founded his own label in 2005 in Paris. Born in Belgium in 1976, the designer now leads a modern era in menswear as the head of his name sake label and Dior Homme.

Founded: 2005
Founder: Kris Van Assche
Location: Paris

About Kris Van Assche
Kris Van Assche graduated from the prestigious and renown Antwerp Royal Academy of Arts, before finding his first role as an intern to Hedi Slimane at YSL in 1998. When Slimane made his move to Dior Homme in 2003, Van Assche was invited to follow, before launching his own collection just 2 years later. Yet another 2 years on, Kris Van Assche went on to replace his mentor Slimane as Creative Director at the newly hyped Dior Homme.

Kris Van Assche continues to head both his own label, creating both mens and womens labels, and Dior Homme.

Kris Van Assche is known for his unique approach to sportswear, mixing luxury materials and feel with sportswear and function, and a modern approach to menswear.