Kristen Schiele’s work presents a very distiinct contemporary style with her work which largely include accurate dreamscapes while embodying a gruesome feel. Her latest move will see Schiele open her exhibition My Dream Is Yours at Sloan Fine Art which in part is the galllery’s first solo exhibition to be showcased when the ehibition opens on Wednesday, March 12th. "The new works will include sophisticated paintings nusing etched paint, and taped, cut and silk-screened canvases further portraying the experience of navigating through shattered and reclaimed domestic environments, where the abject and stereotype give way to a renewed and empowered feminine presence". To get more opf a feel of what her work entails check out Kirsten Schiele’s website, with the exhibition open until April 12th this is well worth checking out.

Thanks to Juxtapoz for the info.