Just finished the photoshoot for KZO’s Spring  |  Summer 2010 Collection “Into the Blue, Out of the Black” late last week.  It was shot at El Cid, an amazing old restaurant/music venue near Sunset Junction, Los Angeles.

Spring  |  Summer Plot Line
Story  | “Into the Blue, Out of the Black”
Soundtrack  | “Hey Hey, My My” by Neil Young; “Arc,” by Neil Young, Arrangement by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth
Palette  | Indigo, Spring Red, Black, Heather Gray, Sky Blue, Charcoal
Categories  | Chambray Woven Shirt, Organic fabric knits, Torn Japanese Selvage Denim, Mosaic Fleece Blazer with Matching Shorts, Linen Blazer, Couduroy Check-Pattern Shorts, Flannel Cotton Woven Shirts, Lightweight Spring Leather Jacket, KZO + Unholy Matrimony Collaboration N°4 Edition Double Layered Denim Jacket

KZO is “Cinematic Fashion”  |  ditransitive verb:  the art of holding captive visual narratives; drama, moods, & voices for each season’s collection.


















Neil Young Performing “Hey Hey, My My” Live at the Fuji Rock Festival in 2001.