Seems like I’m always in LA these days messing with my brethren Nick Diamond and my OG crew out west. LA is a great place for me these days spending almost as much time there as I do here. My dads out west in SF, a lot of my close friends live there and for me a Life long NYer I have to admit the weathers amazing. My hustle goes a long way in the city of Angels and right now there’s lot of energy out west. Here’s some highlights of my visit last week.
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This is the abridged version right here!

Venice beach…Love it, it’s the most NY part of So Cal….Lots of history here both personally and culturally!

Here is the Pit. This is where Christian Hosoi, Block,Fingers Murray, Eric Dresson,Scott Oster and the boys would rip shit up its been filled in with sand and is no longer functional

And this is my friend Murphy opening a gate…….about 200 feet away from the pit…..The soon to be opened Venice beach Skate park…200 feet from where some of the greatest innovators in skate boarding history put it down……Holy DogTown!

Ok now that I’ve shown you some Venice beach stuff lets take it back across town to Hollyweird where I checked in with the HVYW8’s gallery and peeped Para’s show…He’s dope here’s some images

Good show thanks for the shirts guys your always doing something fresh! I also popped in on my peoples at The Berrics wanted to peep the operation since Reda had me on the site for a hot second.

This is me and Salman Agah the man who furthered switch stance skating more than any other skater in the history of skating……He’s a legend in the game recognize!

The Berrics is killer got some things in the works with the bros over there stay tuned! After I cruised by the LAPD’s favorite dining spot……
And in case you didnt know Streetwhere lives….on Melrose…Holy collabo!

And speaking of StreetWhere? here’s my man Mega from Black Scale and Rob good brand good dudes what up Mega!

Popped in to check on my brother Don Everlast….He told me the tragic news about Shawn Mortenson passing….No matter how much that hurt it was a testament to Everlast and my friendship and another defining moment for us….we ended up eating and commiserating…Shawn had a picture of young Everlast and Breal with Perry Farrell on his site…..

I went out to Afex Adam 12’s aka Adam Bravin from She Wants Revenge’s club that only plays classic hiphop and r and b from the 80’s and 90’s…best club in LA and guess who showed up? Maseo from De La Soul my man for 21 years! Go Mase!

Speaking of De LA I had the pleasure of watching them rehearse for there upcoming Australian tour…It was dope seeing them practice with a live band…..Rhythm Rock all stars held it down for sure

I love me some De La Soul and I’m glad to still be friends with my dudes all these years later……Honestly I still believe the Native Tongue moment in rap music was it’s most evolved and creative moment period….Call me OG but rappers don’t rap so good these days and De la they are poets to me…Nufff said I’m trying not to be a bitter OG rap fan these days!

On a more serious note my and the whole worlds friend Shawn Mortenson passed while I was in LA. I had to be back in NYC for work the day of the wake and memorial which really bummed me out. I found comfort in this little note inside this book, I had forgotten about it dam near and re reading it made me feel better about Shawn’s passing and not being able to be there in the flesh…My spirit was there intact and reading this was yet another gift from my friend. Thanks Shawn I love you!

With that somber note I’m out for a few gotta boogie and look forward to my Chicago and SF posts coming up next….LA my 2nd home for better or for worse it’s where I been laying my head a whole lot these days…..but where ever I lay myself¬† down to sleep I am always NY and NY will always be part of me!


Dante Ross

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