Ian Astbury’s LAMF line has produced some of the more authentic mil-spec inspired pieces since its 2005 introduction. I for one am glad to see the label’s resurrection in a major way with the release of its newest collection. What a fitting way to reclaim your position in the culture then by releasing a few pieces with another one of our favorites Erik Brunetti’s FUCT SSDD line. The Golden Tiger BDU remains truly authentic to the time period it was worn, and to the specifications of the suit a true US SOG advisor would have worn during operations in the 70’s, yet slightly updated for fit and style. Hide your kids LAMF is back in a major way. Currently available in very limited numbers. *EDIT*  Im my excitement for the BDU piece I didn’t realize that the Golden Tiger BDU is in fact part of a capsule collection containing a boonie hat as well as BDU pants, all of which are represented in the images below.