“LAMFF” AKA “LAMF” clothing line is the brain child of Ian Astbury, whose taste, touch, design sense and ideas have been noted by renowned brands like Neighborhood (The Cult x NBHD Collaboration in 2006) and W)TAPS (contributor to Philosophy Zine 4 ) and ofcourse by us here at SLAMXHYPE (The New Order Magazine Issue 1). For the past five years LAMFF has been producing and making waves on the down low while seeding limited collections of items like the Gold Tiger Stripe Camo cut and sew collection “Project Tiger” and capsule collections of t-shirts under the moniker “Nous Defions” which were sold at a handful of boutiques around the globe. This Summer LAMFF is releasing the t-shirt collection dubbed “INSURGENT” consisting of the neo-classic signature tees: “LAMF” Logo Type t-shirt available in strict black color and the BLKOPS steez “GHOST” t-shirt in white color . Both “LAMF” and “GHOST” t-shirts now available at Union.