We may be in the midst of this winter, but that hasn’t stopped Lavenham from previewing their range for next Winter already!

Okay, so qulited jackets are everywhere this season, but it is easy to see why, they offer a slimmer more versatile take on the puffer and are highly practical being warm, light weight and fairly reasonably priced.  Most high street stores currently offer a version, and Barbour is the brand du jour, but real connoisseurs opt for only one make – Lavenham.

Originally founded in Suffolk,  England in the 60s, the started when they created the first nylon quilted rug for horses, but swiftly moved to make matching jackets and waistcoats for their riders too.   Still produced entirely in their in-house factory in the UK they offer a more refined and stately take on this staple item, a smarter option that helps you avoid looking like a farmer when you rock one…. however, if they will still be in such hot demand next winter is another question all together?


Source: Selectism