I just returned to Tokyo from having spent a week in London. Normally I pop over there from Tokyo on business but this time it was a holiday of sorts. Having lived there for 37 years of my life there’s always a ton of friends to see and at least this time I had the chance to see quite a few..as ever there’s always something happening in this city.

I was born pretty close to Mile End which technically makes me a “cockney”…

I met up several times with Andrew Bunney. We worked together for several years and he always has his eyes open, constantly showing and turning me onto different things every time I see him.. http://blog.honeyee.com/andrew/

he took me to Idea Books which is a pop up store on St Martins Lane in Covent Garden, stocking some very interesting Pop culture books and magazines that are out of print and second hand. They also have a concession in Dover Street Market.

We spent Sunday evening at Ronnie Scotts in Soho, a London Jazz institution where I also used to DJ with Michael Kopelman of Gimme 5 about 15 years ago also on Sunday nights. The place has changed quite a bit and isn’t the rough and ready place I remember but now there’s a bit of comfort and a good soundsystem in the upstairs bar. Acyde was the host for the evening… http://www.themostinfluential.com/blog/blogger/acyde/

We were also joined by the lovely Mai Ikuzawa who’s expecting a little one in the next few months. I wonder if Mai jr will be another car nut. http://blog.honeyee.com/mikuzawa/

On the theme of music, I popped over to Michael Kopelman’s house to hang out and listen to some tunes. He’s recently upgraded his already amazing soundsystem. All I can say is it sounds as good as the equipment looks.

and the man himself, my good friend Michael.

the timing was perfect to be in London for another good old friend’s project that he’s been working on for some time now. The man in question is James Lavelle and he curated the excellent “Daydreaming” exhibition at the Haunch of Venison gallery in Picadilly. The show featured a hoset of artists from various mediums responding to musical tracks provided by Lavelle’s Unkle. I take my hat off to James for an really amazing show and the sheer number of people who passed through this last weekend were a testament to the fact that this was a great success.


Lets get the old band back together…..

Tim Goldsworthy, original Mo wax and Unkle, ex DFA, back from a 10 year stint in NYC,  now working with Massive Attack and living in Bristol. James “Unkle” Lavelle, and Pablo current Unkle producer plus myself.  The core of the old Mo Wax crew…..it was just great to see these guys again after all the years that have passed.

Finally, Andrew Bunney took me to see Derek who runs Lewis leathers and I had a jacket made. I’ve known Derek from around Soho for years as we always used to eat at the top Pizza spot in town Malletti which was our favorite lunch destination. Avoid it at your peril…http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/restaurants/restaurant-187337-malletti.do .

Lewis leathers is THE British motorcycle jacket company and apart from the standard clothing that you can buy at the store, they offer an excellent Bespoke service so you can totally customize as well as have your jacket fitted to your exact specifications. This season they have some strong projects with Hysteric Glamour and Neighborhood and in the past have worked with Junya Watanabe. http://www.lewisleathers.com/


Derek from Lewis Leathers…

My custom jacket, the Dominator model also known as the “Sid Vicious” jacket


It was turned around in 4 days, with tweaked measurements and a different lining. Thanks Derek!