Coming Soon is a brand brought out of a new era in fashion, an era where simple basics rule and consumers fight against brand bias. This video by Max Vadukul shows that Yohji Yamamoto’s brand has learnt to target this new consumer through viral advertising, they even have a blog now.

“This fourth chapter, “Le Chef Chic”, takes place in Paris, France. “Le Chef Chic” is a positive and fresh story of a chef who is a sun worshiper. He comes alive when the sun shines. His two co-workers love to work and entertain their customers. The music was specially created by the COMING SOON band to highlight the happy swing to the story. This short color film is directed by Max Vadukul. It was filmed in anamorphic aspect with the new Arriflex 21 camera. He worked in collaboration with the French choreographer Hervé Koubi. The film stars seven dancers: Alexandra Besnier, Carlos Ferreira da Silva, David Guasgua, Min-Jeong Kim, Hervé Koubi, Guillaume Milhac, and Carla Portal.”

Source: Selectism