I first discovered American company Le Labo in the fragrance section of colette and fell in love with their D’Orange fragrance which was sweet and bitter all at the same time. On my return home I immediately interviewed the founders Edward and Fabrice for our second issue of The New Order magazine. From a love of their packaging, method and personalised scents, Le Labo have created a beautiful balance for chemistry and luxury offering their customers a hands on experience when creating their own scents inside the Le Labo factories in New York.

Now, releasing a new range of scented candles, Le Labo melt our senses with five new flavours;

Petit Grain 21: “A stunning, rich and elegant orange blossom blend with luscious green undertones”

Figue 15: “A fig/black currant mix which makes you want to eat the wax.”

Calone 17: “Marine notes mixed with geranium and amber for a striking result that transforms your house into a sea cottage.”

Pin 12: “Sheer subtlety. A delicate smell of aromatic pine cut with musks and a touch of amber.”

Santal 26: “An aristocratic scent, at once gentle, smoky, and leathery”

Each candle is $60, burning for a fragrant 50 hours and are packaged in old beaten up tins.