Leo Fitzpatrick Discusses Run-Ins With Rodents And DJs For Soulland’s “Curated” Series

Soulland‘s Curated series finds a creative way to incorporate its latest collection into an interview format. Alongside insightful interviews with creative friends, each interviewee picks out their favourite pieces from the Soulland lineup.

The latest such feature sees actor, artist and skateboarder Leo Fitzpatrick discussing everything from what went into his first book, Just Born Dead, and hooking up with Larry Clark for Kids to his artwork and ongoing involvement with Home Alone 2 gallery.

Check out an extract below. In it Leo tells of a dangerous situation involving a rodent, a DJ and smoking weed with Larry Clark, and head over here for the complete article.

Can you tell us about the time you went to Larry Clark’s house after a Back To The Bankscontest?

I was 14 at the time and drinking the cheapest beer, you could get your hands on, so it’s a little fuzzy for sure. I had already seen Larry around a bit but didn’t know him that well. You have to remember, that this is two years before the movie (Kids). Anyway, let me get back to the contest first. So, the Back To The Banks contest was the biggest of three contests on the East Coast that summer, the other two being in New Jersey and Connecticut. Before that, you’d never really see West Coast pros on the East Coast, but because of these contests, everyone came out; like every person you looked up to in the magazines growing up, so there was already that excitement in the air.

The contest started off normal enough, but at some point, a rat ran across the course and the kids went nuts on some blood lust shit and decided to kill the rat, so now you have 40 or so kids chasing and trying to kill this rat with the rest of the crowd cheering them on. Once they caught and killed the rat, it released something into the air and a notoriously sketchy skater decided to rob the DJ, but the DJ fought back and split the kid’s head open and the chase was on again. Only this time, instead of it being after the rat, it was aimed at the DJ, with kids hitting him from all angles and beating him with the boards. Eventually, this would spill into the traffic and stop it, where the kids now started destroying cars and buses with their skateboards and graffiti markers.

Anyway, the DJ escaped in a stranger’s car and the excitement died down. Larry noticed, that I needed a new board or something and asked me, if I wanted to go back to his house with some guys, who were gonna smoke weed, I think, and grab one, so I said sure. A little later, there I was in Larry’s house with Mic-E Reyes, Julien Stranger, Coco Santiago, John Cardiel, Tobin Yelland and Andy Roy. Now, these guys were cemented legends in my mind and Andy Roy would always sit around with his balls pulled out of the zipper of his pants, so it was way outta my league for sure. I think I might have had a beer, grabbed a board and gotten the hell outta there.


Leo Fitzpatrick