One of the things I like the most about fragment design’s ongoing capsule collection with Levis Japan, Fenom, is the way Hiroshi Fujiwara has been able to reinvent classic items without losing any of the garments integrity. With such high standards himself, and a huge understanding and interesting in authenticity, the Japanese designer/icon has been able to add value to items and give his personal touch without losing any of that craftsmanship of classic shape and feel. This new Western shirt is a good example, the materials keep the shirt true to its background, the cut is the same as that used by Levi’s for some time, and the details added merely add to the feel of the shirt, while at the same time adding some sort of modern touch.

The shirt is available in 2 colourways through Levis Japan’s online store, as well as Fenom stockists around Japan and priced at ¥21,000.





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  1. Anthony

    Love the hidden branding; wish more brands found subtle ways to implement their branding this way.