Amongst denim enthusiasts, Levi’s RED line is among the most revered produced by the blue jean giant. First introduced in 1999, RED is a premium concept collection dedicated to reinventing the iconic Levi’s 5-pocket jean and proposing new forms and aesthetics for jeanswear. The RED name is synonymous with experimentation, technique and complicated manufacturing.

Ahead of the launch of the first Levi’s RED collection to be released in seven years, LN-CC have curated a selection of key pieces from the first ever RED collection from ’99. Entitled ‘Twisted RED’, the collection was a turning point in reinventing the classic 5-pocket jean and a seminal moment in the evolution of denim – paving the way for eight RED collections over the past 15 years. The archival pieces are available from LN-CC now. The forthcoming 2014 ‘Lined RED’ collection will also be available exclusively from the store in the coming months, taking inspiration from Levi’s history of lining denim with cleanly finished blanket fabrics or sheep’s wool.

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