News is breaking today that Levi’s seem to be shutting down their local operations in Japan.  Whilst it seems they aren’t retreating from the Japanese retail market their new global strategy is seeing them shutting their Japanese office and moving any key remaining employees to their Hong Kong base, which will now be their sole office in Asia.

Levi’s Japan has been responsible for some of our favourite denim projects over the last few years, including the collaborations with the likes of Tommy Guerrero, Neighborhood, Krink and of course lines such as Fenom and LVC.   LVC is now mostly being produced in the United States, and designed in Europe and Hong Kong, but it is currently unclear what will be happening with Fenom and the other high profile collabs we have seen come out of Japan.


2 Responses

  1. Openzedoor

    I know the economy in Japan is suffering more than ever (and that's saying something) but this seems like an odd move, given the Japanese taste for denim

    • Allan

      Business wise i guess it makes sense – most big US global brands have one reigional office in Asia or Europe, but Japan seems to be Levi’s creative powerhouse. It makes you wonder if they are going to pull back on the more limited projects and just focus on punting 501s to the high st.