Whilst workwear has become an incredibly strong influence in menswear of late, it’s not just its masculine lines and aesthetic which has allowed the trend to take flight, its the history and the authentic story of hardwork and craft which comes with it.

Levis’ is at the helm of all those messages, steeped in history and authenticity and at the same time a brand through its own hardwork has stood the test of time. This video, directed by John Hillcoat, captures the story of the hard working men and women of Braddock, PA. A town, like so many, that has endured sever financial distress over the past few decades, but one who uniquely has pro-actively tried to turn its own luck around, and now with the help of Levis’ too, the world’s most famous denim makers will donate more than a million dollars over the next 2 years to help rebuild the Braddock Community Center and support the towns farming program.