With the Levi’s Workwear by Pendleton Collection set to make a release in November here is a greater insight into the collection with some well defined pieces. The combination of two very well known concepts makes for a great line, with the core elements of Levi’s workwear and the superior craftsmanship of Pendleton’s history of well crafted woven goods from the American West. The collection includes a Western Trucker Jacket in a rugged Cone Denim and Jacquard-Lined Trucker Jacket, with a lining produced by Pendleton paneling that is removable with the theme derived from Navajo cowboys, who ranch and ride in the Southwest desert of the US. In addition to the products, there will be an “Americana” documentary entitled “Bares, Broncs and Bulls in the Navajo Nation” and will air on VBS.tv on November 15.