The two most authentic and stylistic progressive companies in youth culture have come together again to collaborate on a project, exclusively for Europe and Japan. Stüssy has shaped and paved the way for legions of fans, other brands and an entire culture through their original, sophisticated and authentic designs and ethics. Levi’s®, the leading and most credible denim company has over centuries influenced generations of rebels, style leaders and outsiders to, in turn, shape the way we understand and wear and perceive denims today. It is only natural that these two pioneers would come together to create a truly representative and extraordinary project.

The project encompasses two denims, a jacket and a tee shirt which are to be released in November 2007. The products will only be available in strict limited numbers to the Levi’s® Flagship stores across Europe as well as selected Stüssy stores across Europe and Japan. The denims are based on the iconic 1967 505 Slim Fit and come two different washes, one being a rigid raw denim and a “worn” wash. The jean is a model of sophistication and purity, harnessing the premium qualities of the selvedge indigo denim. The slim and slightly tapered shape is new, though it has echoes in the past.

The jacket is based on the original Levi’s® 705xx Type 1 Jacket Standard Fit in a rigid finish with a modern twist in terms of design to it. Details include the print of the Stüssy logo within the interior back of the jacket as well as on the small of the back.

The tee is a reworking of one of Stüssy’s classics- combining the essence of Stüssy’s subversive humour with a touch of denim reference and adding the original Levi’s® logo.

The denim’s will retail at 250€, the jacket will also be retailed at the same price. The tee shirt will be sold for 70€. This collaborative project will be released in November 2007 and will only be available in very limited quantities.