This is one of the more interesting posts on Slam in some time, from a cultural standpoint, and an industry one, this is a big move. I first heard of Li Ning just some few months ago, infact it was a Taxi Driver in Portland telling me of a new sportswear company he heard of that was threatening Nike and Adidas supremacy within the market, inparticular a company that had a stranglehold over the Chinese market and a better understanding of how to approach the cultural differences which often make it hard for westerners to build within that society.

Li Ning  is the founder of Li Ning Sports Goods Company, in his 19 year long career in Gymnastics Li Ning won 106 gold medals and was a two time World  Champion , his achievements include creating world  gymnastic records by winning six of seven gold medals for men at the sixth world cup gymanastic competition in 1982, afterwards he was crowned as the title prince of gymnastics, in the 23rd LA olympic games in 1984 , he won 3 gold medals .2 silver and 1 Bronze medal .

To further the advancement of Li Ning, Im guessing in time for next years home bound Olympics, the company have invited some of the best known Western Artists to take part in a Exhibition and Project entitled ‘Say No to Limits’. The guest artists who designed garments and works of art to celebrate this Li Ning Attitude included Kaws, James Jarvis, Delta, Mr A, Phunk Studio, Hidekichi Shigemoto, and Kuntzel and Deygas invited by Colette. Check out the exclusive coverage of the event here at Slam. Remember you heard it and saw it here first.

Big thanks to Ura Street for the pics and if you want to find out more of this brand and the project you can check out Say No to Limits.

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