The aforementioned Panthers and Matt Brady organised a session at Rob’s (Concrete Skate Parks) personal and private pool under his house. Legend has it he only let’s people skate it about 4 times a year and it seemed noone had skated it more than once. We felt quite privileged as other illuminati were TNT and the Antihero team – I am afraid this Sydney lad was not really up to scratch on this kinda terrain, although our friend from Aldershot took to it like the pope in the woods. And everyone else killed it. We met Ben (properly, rather than the usual interpipe introduction) from Seven Skates / Absolute Wood who is a rad guy and rippa as well as Moon Dog, more Panthers, Cactus Pool Crew and even Keegan was there! Was rad to see him and had no idea he was even in the country.

Some Aldershot grinds went down.

Fuck backside.

This photo pretty much sums up the session. It was smiles all round the bowl.

Frontside French

Sweeping up.

Holy Hell!!!!
Jay Musk – Backside Smith in the deep corner. That is Joel from Cactus Pool Crew looking on, Cactus have their own pool draining company – 85 schralped pools and counting!

All photos by Ben Mackay – Absolute Skateboards