With so many new blogs and sites launching everyday, it takes alot to impress me now, Lipsticktracez is without a doubt one of the best sites I have seen in a while, great layout, super easy to navigate, great line up of features and bloggers even in its early days. When you look for bloggers to contribute to a site like this, the perfect scenario, is interesting people doing great things, but also passionate enough to blog regularly and articulate enough to contribute on another level, this is possibly the best example of this I’ve seen yet. For Girls, by Girls, we don’t provide nearly enough content for girls here at Slam. Lipsticktracez was founded by photographer Reggie Casagrande, and was designed by Paul, Rob Abeyta and Ordinary Kids, so its no suprise the site has worked out so well. Check it out for yourself here.

Here’s the official run down :

Embracing cutting edge technology with a creative arts content Lipsticktracez creates a virtual world where viewers can learn about contemporary art, design and youth culture.

A forum for women in the arts showcasing the best and brightest.      Updated on a daily basis, the lipstick ladies blog to bring you new events, products, and information. Feature content is created weekly.   

Lipsticktracez is run by women in the arts for women interested in art, commerce, and technology. Our readers are fashionable, sophisticated , well travelled and street savvy.

The site was designed by cutting edge design firm Dualforces run by Paul Mittleman and Rob Abeyta. Clients include: Stussy, Burton and Nike.

The site was built by web design firm Ordinary Kids and NYA Media. Clients include, Adidas, Nikebiz, Moma SF.