Although Lexdray may be in their jovial state as a luggage brand you can not mistake rise as a fad. Since their debut, their pieces have provided functionality driven luggage for everyone from the everyday traveller to the most seasoned of voyagers. For the Upcoming Fall 2012 collection they will introduce the London Garment Bag, a piece that is head-scratchingly brilliant, making you comprehend why a piece similar to it hasn’t been introduced to market as of yet. The exterior features all of the your standard compartments you would come to expect from a typical day bag, the real magic lies within the compartmentalized interior which provides a great way to organize your garments and essentials for a 3-4 day trip. While this bag offers the ideal compartment set up, one detail that struck a nerve is the stationary hanging system, which allows you pick from each compartment without having to unload all of your items. Expect to see the Lexdray London Garment Bag at your local Lexdray dealer in the fall.