This segment of “LIVE FROM CAPSULE NY” focuses on a personal favorite brand based in LA, Feal Mor. Feal Mor was created purely from a desire for a specific product that was not offered in today’s market by Brittany, France born, LA based, JP Plunier. Known for his great contributions to the music industry, JP set out to create his idea of the classic Breton styled shirt, which is a traditional french garment typically produced in navy and ecru stripes. JP was fascinated by the style of shirt and decided to create his own nontraditional versions which lead to the Feal Mor brick & mortar; a beautifully designed boutique filled with Feal Mor products and vintage pieces of which JP collects himself. I would highly suggest that if you have not taken a trip to the Feal Mor boutique, make time and take a visit. In the meantime, we have some insight from JP himself about the brand, his roots and their extensive Fall/Winter 2012 collection.


Video was filmed by: Reiana Lorin

Music By: Oddisee Music

Special thanks to JP and Shaheen Plunier for Feal Mor