Living Mutants is one of the small band of European streetwear labels that can truly hold its own against some of the best brands coming out of Japan.  They have just released the latest items from their Fall/Winter collection which offer a minimal yet high quality take on classics like the denim jacket and the sweatshirt.  Both the quality of materials and attention to detail on this range is crazy.

The AD 2020 14oz Jeans are made from premium Japanese denim sourced in the Okayama prefecture whilst the cut is based on the classic 501, but with upgraded features such as angled pockets, larger coin pockets on the front, satin finished inside seams.  The Basic Unit t-shirt and Shield Unit sweatshirt take the most basic of items and use the highest quality materials and custom cuts to ensure an amazing fit and subtle details. They have also created  their own versions of the denim jacket and coach jacket which offer a modern take on these iconic items and a pair of tailored cotton scarves.



Available now from the Glade

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