New London based retail concept LN-CC is now libe online. After previewing the new store a few weeks back, the time has come, and after a quick trawl through, its a pretty impressive selection from the likes of Rick Owens, Raf Simons, Damir Doma and more, for both men and women. Check it out now.

LN-CC is primarily a retail concept consisting of an online platform followed by the opening of a physical space in October. The project is being headed up creatively by John Skelton (formerly of oki-ni and Harrods) with Dan Mitchell of Bad Passion and a team of specialists including art book dealer Conor Donlon, sound engineer Mickey Boyle and set designer Gary Card who will be working on the design of the physical space.

Product will include menswear and womenswear- both new and archive collections based around a concept of unisex styling, music, books, and limited worldwide releases. The concept space designed by Gary Card will initially be open on an appointment basis and will host a library, gallery space and a sophisticated sound system fitted by legendary sound engineer Mickey Boyle for private events.

This project is more than a store, it’s an evolving platform of curated ideas encompassing clothing, music and art in both a physical and digital environment.


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  1. Ben Gursky

    Amazing layout and great product. Breath of fresh compared to other etailers