The coming weekend from the 27th of June up until the 29th will mark the ’Hide and Seek’ Festival of 2008, which will be a weekend festival filled with various exciting games and events that will encompass everything from fine artists making location-based work to huge flashmob games within the public spaces of the
Southbank Centre
. The festival aims to let the artist from all disciplines to experiment with their creative talents to synthesize their creativity into a variety of innovative games, and activities. Other than just the games there are also seminars, shows, and ofcourse, a party.

Some examples of the games includes  ‘Snap-Shot-City’, a world wide urban photographic treasure hunt, ‘Cruel 2 B Kind’; an assassin game where you kill your opponents with random acts of kindness and even a tour which presents London as if it is Tokyo. Most of the events are free, however some games have a limit on the number of participants. So if you are interested; take a look the full list of activities and events lined up here and sign up on the website

For those that have not heard of the festival before, below is a video documentary on last years ’Hide and Seek’ Festival ( Yes, 2007 ). which may give a good idea as to what the whole thing is all about.