In January 2009 three professional Longboarders set off on a journey to traverse two ranges of Andes mountains… on skateboards.

They carry with them all they need over their two month voyage on their backs. Their route has been described as one of the hardest paved bicycle-touring routes in the world.
They will face arid desert, lush sub tropical environments, and mountain passes over 14,000 feet tall. The Dangers on the trip are not just limited to the harsh terrain, or their lack of supplies.

They spend countless hours of the day dealing with loosely regulated traffic, wild dogs, injuries and malnutrition, their Spanish vocabularies are rudimentary at best and they have been warned that even the locals could pose serious threats. Not to mention the risk they take riding skateboards down 200 km long decent while donning 30-40 pound packs.

Paul Kent is a world record holder, Adam Colton, world famous for his freestyle riding, and Aaron Enevoldsen a young extreme sports junky with an ukulele, document their travels in this series. Experience with them a trip of a lifetime through a magical, beautiful land seldom seen by Westerners.

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