“We hope this speaks to you – the one out of step”

Vans hosted a reception Friday night in San Francisco for their upcoming Syndicate collaborations with designers and skater legends including John Cardiel, Grime, Steve Olson, WTAPS, and Max Schaaf.  The event was held at On Six Gallery, smack in the middle of the grime and bustle of Sixth Street, just south of Market. The exhibition included photographs by Gabe Morford and Joe Brook and a product room with all of the new Syndicate apparel and footwear. All of the designers of the Syndicate collabs were in attendance, as well as many of San Francisco’s skate population, including the likes of the Carroll brothers, Julian Stranger and Elissa Steamer. In true anti-establishment spirit, Pabst Blue Ribbon was the drink of choice along with sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies.  The air was filled with rock music including MC5 and the Buzzcocks with guest DJs like Andrew Lee of Invisible:Man and Commissary and John Cardiel.  The event was a great representation of the artists and the project and was definitely a fun time.  With so many different collabs going around, the Vans Syndicate truly stands out as a unique project with brand integrity and honesty.