Despite having only a handful of homespun, yet global fashion labels, the UK has always been a breeding ground for some of the world’s best young design talent.  The last few years have seen an explosion of some truly impressive designers who straddle the difficult divide between street and high fashion that we love so much here at slamxhype, but perhaps my favourite of this new breed of designer has been Lou Dalton, who’s new Spring/Summer 2010 collection has just hit stores.

Bringing formal features, cuts and materials to heritage design classics she creates an unusual and luxurious take on arguably the most popular menswear trend of the moment.  Silk collars on chambray shirts, loose knit sweaters, silk workwear trousers and short sleeved mohair suit jacket, the nautical influenced luxury sportswear collection is entitled  ‘Corsairs’ and has been inspired by the marauding life of a buccaneer.

I’m a big fan of the gold mac and red loose knit, and can almost guarantee that I will own one, if not both by the end of the summer.

Available now from Oki-Ni.