The good guys over at The Madbury Club have a pretty humble and refreshing approach to fashion editorials/lookbooks. They recently developed an editorial series that is pretty interesting and worth a look. Words from the Madbury Club below better explains their efforts and purpose.

“Roosevelt Surveyance is the first chapter of a series called¬†Observation. A quarterly editorial effort intended to document the stylistic leanings of The Club, immediate friends, and close family in New York City. The following portraits are not intended to be either instructional or aspirational, nor are they intended to be in line with any current trends or dictations of the fashion world. While this description may seem overly serious, the approach to the styles documented here is anything but. The images are simply here. Observations on behalf of The Madbury Club.”

Creative direction from Phillip T. Annand, photographed by Vinny Picone, and modeled by The Club themselves. Stop by the Madbury Club site for more details.