MadeMe has made a huge impact on streetwear in its first season, with recent press including Erin Magee’s label’s leather Bomber Jacket being seen on the likes of Alicia Keys in her latest video.  The Supreme designer has given us a preview of her next seasons collection, keeping in the theme of her first collection, which is available in some of the best stores worldwide and at Karmaloop online. You saw it here first, have a look through the new collection here.

‘Legs’ Tee and ‘Down Low’ Jeans


‘Miss America’ Tee, Motorcycle Jacket, and Low Crotch Leggings


‘Working Girl’ Tee and Motorcycle Jacket


‘Dick’ Tee


Low Crotch Leggings – MadeMe X Peggy Noland


Bleached Denim Shorts


Sleeveless Hoodie and ‘Legs’ Leggings

More info at MadeMe Clothing.