WWD have compiled a story which confirms what many of us have been dreading about printed magazines, with an decline in sales. This highly detailed article which provides all the details of sales from some of the most influential publications around today, comparing them at the year half this year and last year. Within a year many of them have dropped as much as 50% which is a massive figure, such figures culminated most recently in the collapse of Boon magazine here in Japan. The growing amount of websites and blogs out there does make it seem pointless to begin a magazine, well at least it makes you think twice and/or be far more creative. Although many magazines are pushing there websites to provoke this occurring it is of great concern to hear the likes of Vogue and GQ head the list of sales dropped. While I am sure many of us actually still prefer the substance printed matter offers, I certainly do, we also know how accessible the internet is. Take a closer look at the article on WWD, it is a more than worth while read.