Magazines Collaborating With Brands To Design Clothing Is The New Trend. The Free & Easy X Padrone penny loafer is the latest example.

It seems to be something of a trend that some of the best collaborations out there include a publication as a partner. Maybe it’s the eye for detail required to edit a magazine, or perhaps they’re just accustomed to honing selections down to present only the best, but Tokyo magazine Free & Easy have made all the right decisions with the new penny loafer they’ve produced with Padrone. The Rugged Penny Loafer 2Tone is designed using chromexcel tonal leather obtained from America’s hallowed Horween tannery and sits tight on a sturdy Vibram sole. Paying homage to ‘70s 2 Tone culture – a fusion of ska, punk, rocksteady and reggae – this updated version of the classic slip on is all about letting loose, while looking sharp.

You can find the loafers online now.